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Kate Elena has been working in the field of holistic therapy in the UK since 2010, including in medical healthcare settings.

She has been specialising in Tantric-Taoist Therapeutic Bodywork and Education for men since 2016, and leading professional training for students in Europe and SE Asia since 2017.


Kate describes herself as a social entrepreneur, with a deep commitment to supporting health and wellbeing on both an individual, and societal, level. Kate has a broad range of academic qualifications and professional trainings. She is a Certified Trauma Aware Practitioner, and a campaigner for men's prostate health.

Her unique Tantric-Taoist therapeutic healing approach has been inspired by studies with international teachers including Daniel Odier; Marlese de Cocheret;, Clive 'Ananda' Sheridan; Martin Beaudoin, and the US meditation teacher Adyashanti. She has also completed 300 hours of training in Vortex Energy Healing Therapy.

Yoga plays an important part in her life, both as a daily practice and life philosophy.
Kate is Co-Founder of the Tantric Healing Therapy International Practitioner platform.

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