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Yoni Egg Vaginal Practices for Female Sexual Wellbeing

Yoni eggs are healing stones, traditionally made from jade, which have been used by women for hundreds of years to support pelvic floor health and increase sexual enjoyment.

The Jade egg practice involves inserting a specially crafted piece of high-quality jade, which is shaped like an egg, into the yoni (vagina) to create connection and awareness between a woman and her yoni. It’s a deeply personal practice that can be used to keep pelvic floor muscles toned and healthy, increase internal muscle strength for pleasure during love-making, and even harness the healing properties of jade to help clear negative sexual experiences from inside the yoni

Origins of the Jade Egg Practice

Originating in ancient China, the jade egg practice has played an important part in feminine wellbeing and empowerment for hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of years. In the Taoist tradition (a philosophy that began in China around the 4th Century BCE) secret practices were developed by female Taoist practitioners and passed on privately to other women. The jade egg practice is part of a collection of Taoist health and spiritual practices known as Sexual Kung Fu.

Fortunately, jade egg practices have now become widely available in Western cultures, including simple techniques for beginners that fit well with modern lifestyles and exercise routines.

Why Our Pelvic Floor Muscles (PFM) Are So Important

The muscles of the pelvic floor stretch like a sling from the pubic bone back to the coccyx (tail-bone). Aside from pleasure, another important reason to keep our pelvic floor in good shape is that it supports the internal pelvic organs, such as the bladder, bowel, and uterus in women. There are many reasons why PFMs can become weak, such as pregnancy, childbirth, aging, inactivity, and putting on weight.

Over time, without good pelvic floor support, the pelvic organs may start to weigh down on the yoni, which is very uncomfortable, and it can cause bladder incontinence issues in later life.

Andrew Seigel, MD and author of Pelvic Fitness: Optimizing Sexual and Urinary Health writes, ‘In terms of quality of life, PFM exercises are as important—if not more so—than the typical cardio and strength training exercises that one does in a gym.’ So, we need to keep the pelvic floor well-toned (men too!), just like any other area of the body— ‘use it or lose it.’

Why Would a Woman Choose to Put a Jade Egg in Her Yoni?

When I first heard about jade egg practices it seemed a strange concept to put a healing stone inside my body. However, I took the plunge and started using a jade egg regularly. It soon became a secret ‘best friend’ for my yoni and pelvic floor.

Some reasons to learn jade egg practices include:

Toning the ‘Love Muscle’

Commonly termed the ‘love muscle’, the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle is part of the pelvic floor. When well-toned, it naturally contracts during orgasm, which is part of the pleasure, and it can also be consciously activated to make the yoni feel tighter while making love.

A jade egg helps tone internal muscles, including the PC muscle, by providing resistance, particularly when done with awareness and breath. There are many different egg exercises that can help women to activate and strengthen different areas of her yoni, and increase blood circulation too. The exercises involve squeezing and releasing, as with any other muscle-toning exercise.

Learning to ‘Play the Flute’

‘Playing the Flute,’ also known as ‘Pompouri,’ is an advanced technique where a woman can adeptly control individual muscles inside her yoni. By using pulsing contractions, she can bring a man to orgasm, without any other movement. This technique can be learned through jade egg practice, and can also increase the length and intensity of female orgasm.

Vaginal Weight-Lifting for Pelvic Floor Strength

Vaginal weightlifting is a rather radical technique where an external weight is attached to a jade egg and used during a series of exercises. This is another way to create resistance and give the pelvic floor muscles a work out. I’ve not tried this, as I personally feel that jade egg practice is a more gentle and nurturing practice for women, rather than a perhaps macho one.

As with any other exercise programme, it’s essential to relax the muscles afterwards.

Deepening Intimacy with Ourselves

Many women have been conditioned to feel shame and guilt about exploring their pelvic area and sexual potential. Soit’s refreshing to look at our body and sexuality from other philosophical perspectives, such as traditional Tantra, where the sexual organs are seen as a beautiful and integral part of our body, and Taoism, which regards sex as an essential part of health.

Jade egg practices, which are part of both Tantric and Taoist sexual practices, help women to come into a deeper, loving connection with their yoni. The practices build greater sensitivity and self-awareness about how the yoni is feeling, both physically and emotionally. Women need to really listen to their body when using a jade egg. This includes learning what does and doesn’t feel good inside the yoni, which is important for maintaining healthy consent and boundaries during sex.

Jade as a Healing Stone

Sometimes, we haven’t always listened to our bodies, and have had penetrative sex when the yoni wasn’t ready or didn’t really want it. There may also be occasions where we didn’t feel good emotionally or physically after a sexual experience.

Jade is considered to have healing properties, which include absorbing negative imprints from past sexual experiences and bringing comfort and nurturing to the yoni as a tool for meditation. Women who have suffered sexual abuse or other emotional or physical trauma connected with the yoni are advised to work with an experienced jade egg practitioner who is ‘trauma informed.’

Sexual Reflexology

According to Taoist philosophy, reflexology points for all the major organs are located throughout the yoni. Therefore, jade egg practice can help to stimulate and tone essential organs in the body.

Jade Egg as an Esoteric Spiritual Practice

Taoist practitioners believe that sexual energy (called ‘Jing Chi’) is essential for health and longevity, and that jade egg practice helps women to cultivate more of this essential life-force energy. Female practices include generating sexual energy by squeezing the egg internally and then drawing the orgasmic energy up the body towards the crown of the head. This is helpful for learning how to experience full body orgasm and for spiritual awakening.

When Not to Use a Jade Yoni Egg:

  • During pregnancy

  • When menstruating

  • Women who use a contraceptive coil (IUD)

  • During active vaginal or urinary infection

  • Within six months of giving birth

  • If experiencing any pain or discomfort in the yoni

In rare cases, objects inserted into the yoni (including tampons and sex toys) can cause TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome), which can be fatal.

Is It Safe to Use a Jade Yoni Egg?

There are many online articles about the jade egg practice, with some strong opinions for and against using them. If you’re a beginner, it’s advisable to learn any jade practice with the support of an experienced teacher, and to build up the exercises slowly. Also, you should consult a medical professional if you experience any doubt about whether jade egg practice is right for you.

How Long Can I Keep a Jade Egg Inside My Yoni?

Advice about this varies. However, during any exercise programmes, including yoga, most practitioners advise not to use the egg for more than 2 hours at a time, and less if you’re just starting the practice. Remember to consciously relax the pelvic floor area after your workout, as you would after any other exercise routine.

If you’re not consciously exercising with the egg and just walking around the house, there will still be some muscle resistance to keep it inside the yoni. For example, using a smaller egg may require more muscle resistance for some women. So, it’s good to also consider this as part of pelvic floor training, and use it for up to 2 hours, taking time to consciously relax the muscles afterwards.

Can I Use a Jade Egg While I’m Sleeping?

Some practitioners like using the jade egg whilst sleeping, including using it as a healing stone, and find it soothing. Other views are that the weight of the egg can potentially stretch and put weight on delicate vaginal tissue.

Only Buy a High-Quality Jade Egg

Some products sold online are not sufficient quality and may crack or chip during use. So, it’s wise to invest in an egg made from genuine nephrite jade, which is produced without chemicals or toxins. Nephrite is a pure source of jade which is dark green in colour. It’s also very dense, non-porous, and exceptionally durable, making it a hygienic and safe choice.

Notes for Beginners

  • Most women should start with a medium size egg. You may need a bigger egg if you’ve had children, and then progress to a smaller size as the internal muscles strengthen.

  • Women with vaginismus should start with a small egg and also consider seeking support, including perhaps therapeutic yoni massage with a professional Tantric Massage Therapy Practitioner, who is also ‘trauma-informed.’

  • There are many different exercises and healing practices you can learn. Do some online research to find the right practices and the best teacher for you.

  • Part of the practice is giving the yoni a voice and respecting yourself, so if it’s not the right day for practice, don’t do it.

  • The main thing is not to pressurize yourself, but to come into a loving and gentle relationship with your yoni.

  • Take time to relax the pelvic floor muscles after your practice.

  • Sterilise your egg before you use it for the first time by placing it in a pan of water and bringing it to the boil. Always clean your egg after use with natural non-perfume soap, and sterilise regularly.

Find a Professional Tantric Practitioner to Support You With Jade Egg Yoni Practices

If you’re interested in beginning jade egg practice, or need support with conditions such as vaginismus, or help with releasing past negative sexual experiences, including sexual trauma, please visit the Tantric Healing section of the Tantralize Directory. Many practitioners are trauma-informed or have professional training in supporting trauma release. Please read our guide ‘How to find a Tantric Healing Professional’ first.

You can also access support for sex and intimacy issues by visiting the Intimacy Coaching and Sexological Bodyworkersections of the Tantralize Directory.

this article was originally published on on May 2 2020


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